Spekboom allometry fieldtrip (July 2023)

Restoration field trip (January 2023)

Alastair, Anthony Mills and Warren Rudmann

Thicket drought study (November 2022)

Rob Skelton and Alastair

Restoration review field trip (March 2023)

Andrew Wannenberg  and Alastair

Visiting Thicket-Wide Plots (January 2023)

Alastair and Alec Blewett

Studying tree mortality (February 2021)

Robert Skelton and Daniel Buttner

Visiting Thicket-Wide Plots (February 2023)

Craig Sholto-Douglas, Alastair, and Alec Blewett

Visiting Thicket-Wide Plots (February 2023)

Alec Blewett and Alastair

Thicket drought study (November 2022)

Rob Skelton operating the Scholander pressure chamber for midday sampling. 

Checking weather stations (December 2021)

Alastair downloading the data from long-term weather stations setup in the Suurberg

Field experiments at Kuzuko (February 2022)

In the field with Dr Robbert Duker checking on his experiments

Boscia assessment at Kaboega (August 2022)

In the field with Dr Rob Skelton developing a tree health index.

Setting up herbivory experiments (May 2022)

With Kristen Hunt and Robbert Duker

Soil assessment (September 2021)

With Anize Tempel