Potts Research Group

This Research Group is interested in many aspects of South African ecology, including palaeovegetation distributions, plant phylogeography, drivers of biome boundaries and Albany Subtropical Thicket ecology (e.g. physiology, seed dispersal and restoration). It is based predominantly in the Eastern Cape ​— which is a melting pot for almost all of South Africa's vegetation types.

Alastair also spends time exploring the interface between phylogenetic trees and networks, as evolution is often poorly described using a bifurcating tree ​— you're welcome to join this tangled web of research.

Click here for a more detailed description of the range of projects we are currently working on.

Students: If you are interested in joining the research group, please visit the Research Interests and Potential Projects page to get a sense of what we do. Also feel free to make an appointment to come and discuss your interests or ideas with Alastair.

If you need Alastair to write you a letter of reference, please download this form.

Dr. Alastair J. Potts

Senior Lecturer

Botany Department

Nelson Mandela University

Office: Room 0114, Building 12, South Campus, Port Elizabeth

Email: Alastair [dot] Potts [at] mandela [dot] ac [dot] za

Sidenote: For those who may be interested, my Erdős number is 5: Paul Erdős -> John H. Conway -> Daniel H. Huson -> Markus Göker -> Guido Grimm -> Alastair Potts

Impact: Google Scholar Profile; Scopus profile; Orcid ID

I am a signatory to the Cost of Knowledge protest against the publishing house Elsevier.

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