Dr. Alastair J. Potts
Senior Lecturer
Botany Department
Nelson Mandela University

Office: Room 0114, Building 12, South Campus, Port Elizabeth
Email: Alastair [dot] Potts [at] mandela [dot] ac [dot] za

Research (summary): I am interested in many aspects of South African œcology, including palaeovegetation distributions, plant phylogeography, drivers of biome boundaries and Albany Subtropical Thicket œcology (e.g. physiology, seed dispersal and restoration). I also spend time exploring the interface between phylogenetic trees and networks, as evolution is often poorly described using a bifurcating tree. Click here for a more detailed description of the range of projects I am currently working on.

Students: If you are interested in working on a research project with me, please visit my Research Interests and Potential Projects page to get a sense of what I do. Also feel free to make an appointment to come and discuss your interests or ideas.  If you need me to write you a letter of reference, please download this form.

Sidenote: For those who may be interested, my Erdős number is 5: Paul Erdős -> John H. Conway -> Daniel H. Huson -> Markus Göker -> Guido Grimm -> Alastair Potts