Research Interests

General œcology and molecular œcology of the Albany Subtropical Thicket

The Albany Subtropical Thicket was the focus of my PhD dissertation, where I investigated the phylogeographic patterns of three thicket plant species . I am working on many different aspects of thicket œcology to add to our understanding of this complex ecosystem.

Biome boundary drivers

The Eastern Cape of South Africa houses an exceptional diversity of the major vegetation types found in Africa, including fynbos, succulent karoo, Nama-karoo, Albany thicket, grasslands, and savannahs. This area is thus an amazing model system for exploring the abiotic and biotic factors that drive biome boundaries.

Phylogenetics networks: intertwining trees and networks

I have a habit of attracting intractable datasets, and this is most prevalent in the field of phylogenetics. The best tools to investigate evolution is usually with a network, especially when the evolutionary story is complex. Yet networks are rarely used, and if they are used then they are often misused or misinterpreted. I hope to help researchers intertwine phylogenetic networks and trees.