Scientific writing

Teaching resources

  • The Tree Thinking Group - resources to learn more about how to think about trees. Something we all do very badly.

Job\bursary hunting


  • Natural Earth: a great source of shape files, including shaded DEMs for terrestrial and oceanic topography



Great science bloggers (the most accessible way to see how scientists think!)

The reviewing process

Must watch TED talks

  • Dare to disagree by Margaret Heffernan - scientists need to seek criticism and conflict around their ideas!

Data Archiving

A lot of money is spent on gathering data, and it should always be archived for future research. Below is some reading on the topic...

  • Whitlock 2010
  • The International Data Rescue Award goes to...: http://researchdata.elsevier.com/challenges

Interesting videos

The PhD

Conferencing/Giving talks



Grant proposals

Other research laboratories doing some great research

Elsevier's Early Career Resources

Elsevier has a number of very useful guides to start you thinking. These are available here and include:
  • Creating a simple and effective academic personal website.
  • The value and how-tos of blogging and microblogging for disseminating your research.
  • Preparing a paper
  • Elements of Style for Writing Scientific Journal Articles
  • Get noticed. Disseminate your research better
  • Writing an effective Academic CV
  • Peer Review - The Nuts and Bolts
  • Understanding the Publishing Process in Elsevier Journals
  • Writing papers for publication

Virtual/Special issues of interest

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