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In preparation

Potts AJ, Franklin J, Cowling RM. The plant communities of the PalaeoAgulhas Plain: an expert-model approach. Target: Quaternary Science Reviews.
Potts AJ, Franklin J, Cowling RM. The distribution of C4 and CAM photosynthetic pathways across South Africa. Target: South African Journal of Botany.
De Vynck JC, Anderson RJ, Cowling RM, Potts AJ. People or Place: What caused Turbo sarmaticus size change between the Middle- and Later Stone Age? Target: Quaternary Science Reviews.
Buttner D, Jacobs A, Potts AJ. Testing the phenotype plasticity advantage in Acacia cyclops. Target: Functional Ecology.
Potts AJ. Phylogeography of Pappea capensis across Africa. Target: Journal of Biogeography.
Potts AJ. To network or not to network, that is the phylogenetic question! Target: Systematic Biology.

Under review

 36? Duker R, van der Vyver M, Cowling RM, Potts AJMapping cold-air pooling in the sub-escarpment lowlands of South Africa: exploring frost hollows and vegetation boundaries. Ecological Applications.
 35? Botha MS, Cowling RM, Esler KJ, De Vynck J, Potts AJ.  Have humans living within the Greater Cape Floristic Region used the same plant species through time? South African Journal of Botany.
34? Bailey LA, Potts AJ, Cowling RM, Whitfield MC, Smit B. Wand plant architecture in the Fynbos: testing the rodent herbivory hypothesis. South African Journal of Botany.


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